Business Intelligence Services

Due Diligence Investigations

Our professionals will gather intelligence regarding individuals and entities to provide management with detailed information concerning prospective business partners, employees, competitors and investors by utilizing public source and proprietary databases, personal data verification, interview and other investigative techniques. We will find and analyze detailed information to include aliases, address history, liens, judgments, lawsuits, prior employment, real property owned, sex offender registration and criminal record information (availability of criminal records varies by state). We will also search state and federal court records for bankruptcies, civil suits and criminal cases. In the case of a company, we are able to identify owners, officers, resident agents, corporate status and other relevant information.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS – A common thread that runs through many of our investigations is this: The employee responsible often has “baggage” in their background which would have put the employer on notice to be concerned about the employee’s veracity. We developed an Employment Background protocol which will provide the employment decision maker with information concerning the following:

UCC Filings
DUI/DWI Convictions
Address History
Driving Record
Possible Criminal Records
Sex Offender Registry
Professional Licenses
Concealed Weapons Permit
SSN Verification
Court Records

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