Current and Previous Engagements


  • Greystone Advisory Group is in the second year of a five-year contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) providing internal investigative services. Investigations range from general and sexual harassment and other allegations of employee wrongdoing.

  • Previously engaged by a large hospital system located in Baltimore, MD to conduct an internal forensic accounting investigation concerning allegations of vendor fraud and possible employee complicity. Initial investigation determined that the subject vendor had been charged for defrauding another hospital system and was out on bail when he initiated the fraud at the  in Baltimore. A detailed review of invoices, interviews with individuals with knowledge of the events, and a review of employees E-mail and documents stored on employees’ computers, determined that several employees had been co-opted by the subject resulting in inflated invoices being authorized for payment. With the results of the Greystone investigation in-hand, executive management terminated the contract and the employees involved.

  • Previous engagement for the a large, national nonprofit organization. The engagement concerned a multi-million dollar embezzlement by a former employee in the Accounting department. Our investigation identified the methods used by the former employee, determined that there were no other employees involved and the amount of the loss – in excess of $4 million. We documented the fraudulent transactions suitable for courtroom presentation. The FBI was notified and our work product was used to present the matter to a federal grand jury.

  • Previous engagement for the partners of a law firm in Washington D.C. to determine the extent of a fraud and embezzlement committed by the former firm office manager. Approximately $225,000 in fraudulent disbursements, credit card transactions and unauthorized wire transfers were identified. With the client’s permission, this matter was referred to the FBI which initiated a criminal investigation. The subject was later located, indicted and convicted of wire fraud.

  • Previously engaged by a large national bank to perform forensic accounting and investigative services concerning allegations of embezzlement by a long time and trusted employee. Thousands of wealth management customer and trust accounts were analyzed to determine in which accounts unauthorized withdrawals had occurred. Our analysis determined that the total loss was in excess of $400,000 effecting 84 accounts. With the client’s authorization, this matter was referred to the FBI leading to the employee’s indictment and his guilty plea.                   

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